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Regulation: Update on the NLTA

Regulation: Update on the NLTA
by SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR - Friday, 25 August 2017, 8:45 AM

Good day,

 "The Department of Transport has published regulations in terms of the National Land Transport Act, 2009 regarding requirements for colour coding and advertising allowed for minibuses and midibuses used for minibus taxi-type services."

 "The date of implementation was 18 August 2017. The previous set of Regulations regarding mini-bus taxi type service distinguishing marks published in terms of the NLTTA, 2000 that was published in 2007, is repealed by the new Regulations."

 "Note that regulation 3(1) of the new Regulations, regarding the colour of the vehicles, applies to vehicles first registered after 18 February 2018 (six months after the publication date of the regulations) that are used for minibus taxi-type services."

 "Government Gazette 41046 of 18 August 2017 refers."

 "The gazette is available from the Government Printer at"

(extract of mail from Alta Swanepoel)