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Users Visit Site

Users Visit Site
by SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR - Monday, 26 June 2017, 3:00 PM

Some of our new users visited the Site. At this stage all the users that logged in could not enter any courses, as we have not load them against any course as yet. We are glad that even our Chiefs from different traffic centers logged in. Thank you for visiting our site. This methodology of learning will only grow as we continue using this platform.

Some email systems out of our control is still in process and thus not all current loaded users will have received information via email of their user accounts active on the system.

All the FTO's that did send their list can ask their users to login as was also requested to update their details is needed.

So to all the others that did not logged in yet, grab a electronic device that can access the internet and start to navigate. If any user struggle to navigate you can ask your trained FTO.